This week I’ve caught up with my friend, Mrs Gariyali, to write a grant submission for our Birds Nest project in India.

Each section begins with reference to those we are wanting to support – the 10,000 pavement dwellers in Chennai who know no other life. They endure crime and abuse, extreme weather conditions and social alienation. Yet are fearful and suspicious of leaving the familiar.

As we write, each section reiterates that this group of people is the poorest and most marginalised in India. Many without the identification papers to access basic healthcare, education or the voting rights of a country’s citizen.

Yet our application is full of hope for what lies ahead based on what’s been already achieved.

I loved hearing about the 24 seniors now accessing an aged care pension. It brought tears to my eyes. Spending your entire life on the pavement then finding you could get your Indian ID and government’s help when age takes its toll. I can’t imagine the relief!

Your smallest act of generosity as a Australian supporter will find its way into the lives of real people living in extreme hardship. We help with ID papers, health assessment, education placements for children, vocational and entrepreneurial training for parents. And getting reliable access to secure rented rooms in the slums – plus a cooking stove, beds and matting, and 2 plastic chairs. A complete fit out!

We finished our time together energised and content. We’re glad we’re friends. Glad we’re making a difference. Glad that this opportunity to do good has come into our hands.

And so glad to ask you to join us. ?❤️?


To support a family in Chennai, visit our donation page