A foxglove is a plant; it’s hardy, resilient & as it grows, it shades and protects other plants in the garden. ?  This represents part of the Foxglove Project mission, to stand up and speak up. This includes shining a light on injustices across our planet, both in the Developed and Developing World. ?

This is a point in time, when the world is being confronted with evidence of racial violence by those in positions of power.  We cannot afford to let these images of violence against the black community pass without notice nor can they be forgotten in wider discussions. Of course, all lives matter, but right here, right now, we are talking about violence and discrimination against the black community worldwide. ?  A situation and position that should not be endorsed, hidden nor minimised. ⁣

Staying silent on these issues is not an option for Foxglove.  Whilst we are proactive and focused on women in Foxglove countries across the world, we acknowledge that equity, fairness and justice for ALL are bedrock values in our organisation. We commit to standing against racism through education, advocacy and friendship. Such steps are fundamental if we are to continue to empower, encourage, uplift and campaign for those who are suffering and powerless; and we would be honoured if you would join us!