The COVID-19 crisis is creating uncertainty for everyone, but the effects are potentially devastating for the women we support in the Developing World. ?

In response, we have set up a special COVID-19 Rwanda Appeal to support the women and their families from the Self Help Groups through this crisis.

Every AUD$30 donation will help a woman come through this period with their homes and micro businesses intact. This is a one-off tax-deductible gift.

We are starting with a goal to support 1000 women in Nyamagabe. With an average of 5 family members that’s a total of 5000 people supported through this crisis and indirectly another 20,000 community members. ?

These women are living in remote, but densely populated rural communities with limited access to healthcare and public health information. The network of Self Help Groups is ideal for quickly disseminating health, hygiene and safe family practice training to the women.

In addition, financial and material assistance will be provided to women whose income-generating opportunities have been terribly affected.

If you are in a position to help financially – thank you. If not we understand and simply encourage you to share our campaign instead. Together we can help the most vulnerable women survive this crisis. ??