There is an urgent need to help very poor families survive COVID-19.

Foxglove has established the Birds Nest India project to support women and families moving from the streets to the slums in the city of Chennai. We usually assist by providing vocational training for women, contributing to education fees and materials for their children, and start-up home kits for more permanent accommodation (e.g. mats, cooking pots, fan). ??

But right now the need is more pressing. It is about surviving COVID-19.

The current challenge for 200 of the families we have previously assisted is that without a permanent address for 6 months or more, they are unable to register with the Government and receive ration cards. Therefore, they are denied access to Government help, including basic food rations, and cannot work under lockdown restriction

How can we help?

For a tax-deductible donation of $20 per week per family or $80 per month, our Indian partners can provide families in the slums with dry food and basic necessities.

This is the Foxglove response and we are asking our supporters to give, pray and share this opportunity to take what we have and make a life-changing difference in another woman’s world. ??

Donate today to the Chennai COVID-Appeal