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Why invest in women and girls?

March 7, 2018

‘If we are going to see real development in the world, then our best investment is women.’  Desmond Tutu   As we…

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What is social justice?

February 19, 2018

This week we celebrate the World Day of Social Justice on 20th February. Defining justice and social justice For the…

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Three Lessons Learned in 2017

February 8, 2018

So our Foxglove team has been on leave for a few weeks. Taken holidays and gone fishing. It’s necessary in…

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Why do we do what we do at Foxglove?

January 4, 2018

We know reading thesis documents is not for everyone. But we do know it is important that projects we support…

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Development Lessons from 2017

December 6, 2017

With Christmas over it’s that time we are all ready to sit back, put our feet up and reflect on…

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What does ‘good development’ look like?

December 6, 2017

For decades, the Developed World has been spending hundreds of millions of dollars every year on overseas aid. We see…

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Twenty Reason to Believe – Ancille’s Story

November 23, 2017

Meet Ancille…today we set up our equipment in her home compound. Camera. Tripod. Microphone. And she giggles. She asks me,…

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How toilets are keeping girls in school in rural Cambodia

November 18, 2017

In rural Cambodia, up to 80% of families do not have access to toilets or sanitation. This is also true of…

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Three reasons why we focus on the empowerment of women and girls

November 15, 2017

Why does Foxglove focus on projects supporting the empowerment of women and girls?  It’s easy really.   There are three key…

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People helping one another can bring an elephant into the home (1)

What is development?

November 13, 2017

Here’s a question. What is ‘development’? When we are talking about the term in relation to international aid, how do…

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Twenty women helping 20 women

October 25, 2017

What can happen when 20 women gather? In Rwanda there’s a beautiful proverb, “One stick is easy to break but 20…

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Five ways you can join the adventure

October 16, 2017

I’ve had the most wonderful time over the past weeks sharing beautiful stories of Rwandan women showing courage, risk-taking and…

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Latest News

COVID-19 Chennai Appeal Update

25 June 2020

As Australia looks forward to plans that will reconnect people and kickstart our economy, countries like India continue to agonise about…

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COVID-19 Chennai Appeal

14 April 2020

There is an urgent need to help very poor families survive COVID-19. Foxglove has established the Birds Nest India project…

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Progress on gender equality: International Women’s Day

10 March 2020

International Women’s Day, provides a great opportunity to look at equality, more specifically gender equality, in the Developing World. 

Equality is most simply explained as “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities”. Simple enough right? But it’s actually a lot more difficult to address. 

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Foxglove Film Fundraiser: Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears

20 February 2020

Calling all Miss Fisher fans… join us on the opening weekend for the much-anticipated screening of Miss Fisher and the…

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What is women’s empowerment?

20 December 2019

What does women’s empowerment really mean? If you want to address poverty, then your best investment is women. It’s true. They’ll…

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This Christmas, give a gift that will change a woman’s life forever.

26 November 2019

This Christmas, if you’re looking for a meaningful gift that will change lives, then a Foxglove Gift Card is ideal….

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Meet a remarkable leader – John Kalenzi from AEE Rwanda

27 September 2019

John Kalenzi is smart, driven AND compassionate. It’s an unusual combination in a world where many are consumed with personally getting ahead….

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Meet a remarkable leader – Mrs Gariyali

19 September 2019

“I met Mrs Gariyali online. Yep, it was Facebook! But, the background story is amazing. I had been to Rwanda…

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Be part of something wonderful with the Foxglove Crew

12 September 2019

Join us on Sat 26th October for the ‘Foxglove 2020 Sundowner’ at the South Perth Yacht Club. You will hear…

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Foxglove Movie Fundraiser – Downton Abbey

27 August 2019

Calling all Downton Abbey fans! We’re sure you are just as excited as we are about the long-awaited movie coming…

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Grassroots Rwanda

Women’s Self Help Groups

More than 180,000 women in Rwanda have already joined an SHG and report amazing social, economic and human rights benefits... READ MORE

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Birds Nest India

Slum Homes for Pavement Dwellers

Before the women can access vocational training, take out small loans and start businesses they are required by Government... READ MORE

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Focus Cambodia

Secondary School Sanitation Project

Poor sanitation in Cambodia is commonplace, up to 80% of people living in rural Cambodia have no access to toilets... READ MORE

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