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The Foxglove Project raises funds, resources and awareness for overseas projects and partners. Foxglove has no dreams of becoming a large entity in Australia. In fact, we want to remain ‘mean and lean’. Though there are essential costs and expenditure required in Australia, our objective remains clear, to raise funds and resources to send to organisations and people living in poverty in targeted Third World countries. Currently, we are sending 87% of all funds raised to overseas projects.We need your help. All of us have so much to offer whether it be financial support, volunteering our time and expertise, or taking up advocacy roles. So, if you’re passionate about seeing women in the Developing World be empowered to build sustainable, self-sustaining futures, then what are you waiting for? Perhaps the perfect opportunity, perfect timing or self-belief. There is much we can do. It is not about guilt or pity, but belief in the capacity of others and willingness to sacrifice something of ourselves to see someone else get ahead. Join us. Together we can make a difference.Read on to find out more

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead

Ways you can make a difference


Join a volunteer team for fundraising, marketing, administration or market stalls.

Organise a large or small community fundraising event for Foxglove

Host a Twenty20 Fundraiser with 20 friends.


Request a Foxglove speaker for your workplace, church, school or event

Represent Foxglove at fundraising events

Foxglove Ethics

Foxglove is committed to fundraising and resourcing international development initiatives that support communities wanting to escape physical, emotional and economic poverty. We pursue this aim based on a belief in the inherent value of people and confidence in their capacity to make their own way with support, training, and self-belief. 

But as much as Foxglove is about WHAT it does and WHO it helps, it is passionate about HOW it is done. HOW volunteers, donors, beneficiaries and partner organisations operate and WHY we do what we do. These two questions, the HOW and the WHY form the foundation of Foxglove’s Ethical Framework.

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These values inform HOW and WHY we do our work

Empowerment of People:

Foxglove believes in the capacity of people. That all people, even those living in poverty, have the capacity to provide for themselves and their families. Poverty chips away at people’s self-belief leaving them isolated, passive and hopeless. There is a need for skills training, social support, access to financial capital and political advocacy. But very early in the development process, people, particularly those living in poverty, need to be allowed and encouraged to be responsible for making their own life decisions and choices. We cannot empower others, but we can make space, opportunity, and build capacity that makes empowerment a natural pathway.

Giving to Sustainability:

For too long the Third World has been the recipient of financial resources to good endeavours. Decades later we see pockets of change but deeper pockets of dependence. Financial, and other resources from the West, need to be directed to creating organisational and individual independence. Self-help approaches centred around beneficiaries, supported by healthy organisations and with meaningful involvement from indigenous sponsors are critical. Other significant indicators of sustainability include deep community engagement, local fundraising, culturally appropriate activities, and sound environmental responsibility. 

Continuous Learning:

Too often reporting becomes an exercise in telling donors and support organisations of the wonderful achievements and ‘stuff’ that has happened. It is an exercise in self-promotion. But Foxglove believes in continuous improvement. That monitoring and evaluation are not simply about explaining expenditure and telling the achievements but to identify shortcomings and how we can do this better. You will see this in the reporting templates and the publications – don’t be surprised, Foxglove projects are always making changes!

Preserving Dignity:

Sad pictures and sad stories can be damaging. It is not that they do not exist and should never be told but they will not lead Foxglove’s promotion or reporting. It is important that people are presented with hope, belief, and expectation of a preferred future. These are fundamental structures creating a context supporting the empowerment of people.


We are a global community. We see people’s lives revealed through a worldwide web and captured on our small screens.  We see their deepest fears and struggles, giving us a glimpse into people's suffering and joy. Then we travel to meet people and hear their stories firsthand. We do not want to do this without offering something of ourselves. We are not spectators of life in the Developing World.  Neither do we only give to alleviate suffering or provide opportunity.  Instead, we see ourselves as co-citizens, sharing our lives as well as our resources.


Accountability is not a dirty word. It need not be demeaning, paternalistic, or based on mistrust. Rather it is a building block of trust, a step towards long-lasting relationship and building capacity. Foxglove sees two-way accountability as fundamental to the relationship with and between all stakeholders.


Contribution and learning are about much more than money. There is a need to see the benefit that we all enjoy as a result of a connection to one another and to causes greater than ourselves. In the Foxglove relationships, there is no one party who gives, no one party who receives. We all contribute whatever we have known that it can help the learning and growth of others.


Commitment to forming ‘partnerships’ with like-minded groups, in Australia and overseas. These partnerships bring together business, community groups and individuals creating energy and cohesion to achieve the key outcomes for Foxglove and its beneficiaries. Foxglove does not see itself as an isolated trailblazer and would rather travel slower than travel alone.

To find out more about how you can 'get involved', complete the following contact form and return it to our team. 

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