Her Stories

From the pavement to a home

01 November 2018

When visiting Chennai last year, I met two families living on the streets. Two young women and husbands in their…

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This is Rwanda. This is her future.

26 October 2018

One noted social media page has run a series of stories about Rwanda and it’s people. Every one of them…

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Meet Adelphine – International Day of the Girl

10 October 2018

It’s International Day of the Girl today and we’d like to introduce you to Adelphine…Adelphine leads a child-headed household in…

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Full of hope for what lies ahead in Chennai

09 August 2018

This week I’ve caught up with my friend, Mrs Gariyali, to write a grant submission for our Birds Nest project…

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Meet Srey Pich

22 March 2018

Meet Srey Pich…at 15, she’s a little serious. She’s thoughtful and willingly adds into a conversation on hygiene and sanitation…

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Celeste makes her way

16 March 2018

Meet Celeste I’m sitting with a Self Help Group (SHG) of twenty women in remote Rwanda, high up on the…

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Grassroots Rwanda

Women’s Self Help Groups

More than 180,000 women in Rwanda have already joined an SHG and report amazing social, economic and human rights benefits...

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Birds Nest India

Slum Homes for Pavement Dwellers

Before the women can access vocational training, take out small loans and start businesses they are required by Government...

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Focus Cambodia

Secondary School Sanitation Project

Poor sanitation in Cambodia is commonplace, up to 80% of people living in rural Cambodia have no access to toilets...

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