Her Stories

Meet Josephine

08 March 2022

Grassroots Rwanda Self Help Groups are full of amazing stories. Here is Josephine.

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Dr Savita – giving her all

20 January 2021

In a month looking back at Foxglove’s roots, there are stories that jump out at you. I don’t think each…

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Gao Yinh

Meet Gao Yinh

08 November 2020

Meet Gao Yinh… she was so young and earnest when we met her a few years ago in rural Cambodia…

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The Courage of Rwanda

07 April 2020

Today marks 26 years since the Rwandan genocide. And if I know anything about the people of Rwanda, it is their capacity to survive tumultuous periods in history and emerge a stronger, more united country.

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Meet a remarkable leader – John Kalenzi from AEE Rwanda

27 September 2019

John Kalenzi is smart, driven AND compassionate. It’s an unusual combination in a world where many are consumed with personally getting ahead….

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Anastasia’s Story…Love, Beauty & Wonder

07 March 2019

Anastasia…Love, Beauty & Wonder Anastasia had lived high in the mountains in a very remote rural area. An hour walk…

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Grassroots Rwanda

Women’s Self Help Groups

More than 180,000 women in Rwanda have already joined an SHG and report amazing social, economic and human rights benefits...

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Birds Nest India

Slum Homes for Pavement Dwellers

Before the women can access vocational training, take out small loans and start businesses they are required by Government...

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Focus Cambodia

Secondary School Sanitation Project

Poor sanitation in Cambodia is commonplace, up to 80% of people living in rural Cambodia have no access to toilets...

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