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Join the Foxglove Support Crew…the Foxglove Project is delivering wonderful results by empowering women and girls in the Developing World to change their own lives by becoming village entrepreneurs. This approach is neither charity nor welfare. Instead, it is a game changer. For the women, for the charities and for the donors.

We currently send 87% donations to our overseas project partners for training, facilitation and infrastructure.

BUT our goal is to make that 100% AND ensure that we can continue to run the Foxglove office.

To do this we need like-minded committed supporters. People who understand that behind any initiative like Foxglove sits costs in promotional materials, financial accountability, monitoring and staffing. We aim to keep these costs tight and transparent - but they are unavoidable if Foxglove is to keep growing and doing the same for others.

So, we are looking for Foxglove Support Crew members. Not donors or one-off givers. But people who understand and want to provide ongoing support to the growing and thriving contribution that Foxglove is making in the Developing World.

Foxglove Support Crew memberships come in monthly tax-deductible donations. You can take a membership as an individual ($12 month), a couple ($16 per month), a family including children and grandchildren ($23 per month) or a business ($50 per month).

By joining the Foxglove Support Crew, you know that you’re more than a donor. You’re a partner in the work and lives of thousands of women across our world. And doing good doesn’t get much better than that!

Our annual goal is $40,000 AUD

What We Can Do For You:

Social media marketing

Employ 1 part time staff member

Website & promotional materials

Administration support 

Financial accounting

Overseas partner communication 

Foxglove Support Crew memberships are offered in monthly tax-deductible donations for as little as $12 a month. By taking up a membership, you’re a partner in the work and lives of thousands of women across our world.


"When many of us give a little, then a lot can happen"