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Focus Cambodia is committed to improving access to high school education for teenage girls living in Kampot, a rural province in southern Cambodia.

Foxglove partners with Focus Human Resource, a local NGO led by a husband and wife team, born and raised in local villages. After many years working with international NGOs in Phnom Penh, they returned to their rural communities to address grassroots needs that continue to impact the living conditions and opportunities for those living in poverty in rural Cambodia.


Poor sanitation in Cambodia is commonplace with up to 80% people living in rural Cambodia having no access to toilets or clean water. But it has a particular impact on teenage girls attending public school. Over the next 3 years, we plan to build toilet blocks, provide clean water points and facilitate health and hygiene training for 6 secondary schools in partnership with provincial and local school authorities. It is part of the project agreement that schools and communities provide a plan and commitment for the ongoing maintenance of project infrastructure and training of the students in health and hygiene. Secondly, we work with the schools and community leaders to highlight the opportunities that come with higher education. An opportunity that is overwhelmingly denied to young women. Without community consultation and education, the incidence of girls as young as 14 years old working long days in the rice fields or entering the expanding garment factories will continue to grow.


Foxglove works in partnership with schools that believe in the capacity of women and girls to contribute and bring about change in their communities.

She makes her future.


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“Let us pick up our
books and pencils.
They are our most
powerful weapon.”

- Malala Yousafzai


To improve the education opportunities and conditions for teenage girls in rural Cambodia

Sub goals

To build sanitation infrastructure in 6 secondary schools in rural Cambodia

To encourage community and family support for young women wishing to remain at school

To support school and community leadership to take responsibility for maintaining infrastructure

To ensure health and hygiene training for all students


Sanitation & Hygiene

Drill wells for clean water access points

Build toilet blocks including hand-washing facilities

Train students in health and hygiene practices

Healthy and Safe Classrooms

Improve physical environment including removal of mould, painting of rooms and replacing ceilings

Classroom fit outs and security

Educate Communities 

Educate teachers & education officials re impact of health conditions on academic performance

Encourage community discussion re girl education and hopelessness of garment factory employment

Impact & Achievements

Government Partnerships

Established excellent relationships with provincial education officials

Government support secured to fund schools & ongoing maintenance of infrastructure

Transitioned privately funded primary school to Government school

Sanitation &
Clean Water

Installed wells, toilets & clean water points for 3 secondary schools

Trained and established approved building team for sanitation projects

Developed district approved sanitation and toilet plans for education facilities

Education Performance

Increase in girl attendance from 57% to 74% after adding toilets and support for girl students

Improved attendance levels across schools with improved classrooms and amenities from 68% to 88% (post 12 months)

Supported one girl into medical school program in Vietnam under university scholarship

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School 1 - Updated toilet block 1 working toilets


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Sell Foxglove products made in Cambodia at a community or private fundraiser (‘Foxglove in a Basket’)

Organise a community fundraising event for Focus Cambodia

Take part in a sponsorship event with Focus Cambodia as the nominated charity


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