Why Foxglove?

We are often asked, "Why the name Foxglove?"
A foxglove is a plant.  It's hardy and resilient. And as it grows, it shades and protects other plants in the garden. Not only that, it's a self-sowing plant. It represents the idea of sustainability. Independence. Self-determination.


And finally, one more unique quality. It contains an element that can be used medicinally to treat heart disease. It deals with the heart. The core of life. Now that is the story of the name, the whole story.So when you see 'Foxglove Project' read: hardy, resilient, protective, sustainable and focused on the heart.

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The Foxglove Approach

Foxglove takes a sustainable approach and focuses on people development.


We work through in-country partners to identify a community's poorest families and invite the women into local Self Help Groups to find friendship, training and access to finances to start micro-businesses.


From tiny beginnings, women take care of their own family and community needs. This approach is neither charity nor welfare. Instead, it is a game-changer. For the women, for the charities and for the donors.


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Meet the Foxglove Team

The Foxglove Team sets the direction for Foxglove, ensures it meets governance standards, and coordinates and encourages our ever-expanding volunteers and partners in  Australia and across the world.

Kelley Chisholm

Founder & Director  

Kelley founded the Foxglove Project in 2014 after completing a Masters in International and Community Development.

After thirty years working in the education and not for profit sectors, she had become increasingly passionate about helping women in the developing world create sustainable life change.

Kelley is a strong believe in the capacity of women and her commitment to raising their hopes, increasing their skills and creating opportunities in business and leadership remains at the heart of everything that she and Foxglove set out to achieve.

Bridget Hadfield  

Marketing & Administration  

Bridget has over 18 years’ experience in the not for profit sector and shares a passion for alleviating poverty. She helps turn ideas into projects; creating systems, overseeing events, and working with volunteers to implement Foxglove’s marketing and fundraising strategies.

Geoff Bartlett  

Photographer / Digital Story Teller

Geoff’s main role is capturing stories from Foxglove projects. He hopes that the stories we tell convey the capacity, beauty and uniqueness of each woman and convince others to get involved.  Before switching to photography, Geoff worked in IT, and that’s his other job with Foxglove: looking after some of the essential back-office systems.  

Colin Jorgensen  

Advisory Board Chairman  

Colin has extensive experience in the corporate and governance sectors. He has become increasingly passionate about supporting the charity sector and championing the Foxglove mission. Not only with funds but with his knowledge in business enterprise, strategy, networking and governance expertise.


Change a woman's life forever