Twenty Reasons to Believe


Foxglove's first book, Twenty Reasons to Believe, is available now.

It's a book about the impact of the Self Help Group approach for the poorest women in Rwanda and telling the stories of twenty women. Twenty stories. Twenty reasons to believe.

For $20 plus postage, you'll receive a beautiful, full colour, hard cover book that will inspire, inform and impassion about what is possible in the Developing World.

About Foxglove

"Women hold up
half the sky"

(Chinese proverb)

Projects that bring change

Foxglove is an Australian charity supporting sustainable women and girl projects in the developing world.

Foxglove Donations

Foxglove limits Australian-based expenditure to good governance, compliance with Australian regulations, essential administration and receipting of funds, and minimal marketing and promotion costs.

Our Work

Foxglove is more than a fundraiser. It is a partner, cheerleader and believer in the capacity of women around the world. It is committed to changing the story around women in the Third World through fundraising, education and resourcing so that they may ‘write’ their own stories.




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